Featured Project

Lillian Mill

An excellent example of the role that Centralina can play in bringing economic prosperity to your community is the redevelopment of the Five Points District in Albemarle. In 2005, The City of Albemarle began exploring ways to breathe new life into its downtown center. click to read complete article

The Rankin Building

Centralina, The Town of Mooresville and property owners Bob and Mille Amon work together on this project. There was a complete remodel of the inside of the building to bring it up to standard commercial codes, the outside was given a facelift to improve curb appeal. click to read complete article

Town of Dallas

For many years there's been a statewide shortage of housing for the elderly. In August of 2002 the Town of Dallas took steps to address those concerns through the renovation of the old historic Dallas High School located at 300 W. Church Street, a few blocks from the heart of downtown Dallas. click to read complete article

Burke Dale Housing Development

Named for noted Mooresville and Cascade resident and sculptress Selma Burke, Burke Dale is a 24-lot in-fill subdivision in the historic Cascade Mill Village. click to read complete article

City of Monroe-Economic Development Initiative

The City of Monroe contacted Centralina and requested assistance in preparing the grant application for them to restore a 20,000 sq. ft. former Armory Building into a community center and multi-purpose facility for community residents. click to read complete article

  • How Can We Help You?
  • We know you have many goals to accomplish as a leader in your community. Some of your citizens may be living in sub-standard housing, or your community's water/sewer systems might be in dire need of major repair. You know what you want to accomplish in your tenure as an elected official, but you may not know how to make your plans a reality.
  • We specialize in matching your needs as a community leader with the resources that will help you achieve your goals. From finding money to pay for new housing to planning a major neighborhood renewal effort, we can help you locate the tools that will bring your community the prosperity it deserves. We bring forty years of economic development experience to your community, and we will help you to remove the barriers that block your local economic success.  We understand the needs of the people living in the CCOG region, and we have the experience and vision necessary to help you take specific steps to turn your vision of your town's possibilities into a thriving reality.